Effective Online Marketing

Throughout my journey of Online Marketing, I have discover that there are a lot of misconception toward Online Marketing.

The most common misconception that we would find on the market is “Online Marketing would bring immediate sales conversion to my business”. While Online Marketing are not anything new to the market at this point of time, the misconception on it still holds. Just like any other marketing effort that we would run, online marketing are but a channel to market a brand or its product. It does not magically improve the sales or branding of a company.

Here is an extreme example on one of our client on hand. Prior to engaging us, numerous agency has promise the client with sales increase, brand awareness & etc etc…you name it. When they engage us on their marketing effort, we notice that there are numerous underlying problem within the client organisation. To name a few – unhappy dealer, poor sales training, miscommunication of products information, lack of Unique Selling Points. With these much problem within the company, it is only natural that no amount of marketing effort would help the client to increase it sales.

Online marketing, like any other marketing effort would only be effective when you have your underlying problem solve. You should not spread the message of your brand or product while it is not ready for the market as it would only waste your marketing effort and budget.

The take away here is to plan properly before engaging in any marketing channel. Online marketing is the easiest way to help building brand awareness, it is in the same time also the fastest way to spread bad impression of a brand.

Stelix Media
Founder & Director